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ADAPT Jazz and Tap Exam Information

What is ADAPT?

ADAPT is North America’s leading professional dance certification program.  With over 600 ADAPT Certified Graduates teaching at top dance studios around the world, the ADAPT Syllabus touches the lives of some 60,000 children each year across Canada alone.  

ADAPT is a “dance syllabus” organization offering yearly examination evaluations and critiques for dance students at the recreational and elite training levels.  Their team of “master dancer educators” who are ADAPT examiners evaluate and critique students in ADAPT Examination Studios across this country and internationally, and also conduct master “in studio” workshop classes for students.

ADAPT is constantly working on keeping the syllabus current and up to date.  They pride themselves in being the leader in dance syllabus technique and training.  ADAPT is truly a “Canadian” dance syllabus and the syllabus and exams are offered in both English and French speaking studios. 

ADAPT is proud of the elite family of ADAPT Dance Teachers and Examination Studios, who over the years, have worked hard to create and maintain the highest standards of excellence possible in the dance teaching industry.

Why Are Dance Examinations Important?

ADAPT examinations and the examination process encourages each and every student to work harder so they may achieve their best personal potential and through ADAPT training help them to maintain that potential throughout their dance training years.

ADAPT examinations allow students to enjoy quality technical training, supporting good competitive values along with enhancing stronger performance abilities.

ADAPT examinations are a “goal” setter.  They are a memorable experience and present an opportunity for students to be critiqued and evaluated by professional dance master examiners on a yearly basis.

ADAPT examinations offer certification and successful candidates receive graded certificates.  High achievers also receive a special “Medal Of Merit Award”.

ADAPT examinations and training will help students to build stronger character, integrity and lasting moral values for their future

Examination Results

There are two examiners critiquing four to six candidates in each examination class. ADAPT Examination marks are as follows:


(60 - 66 percent)


(67 - 74 percent)


(75 - 79 percent)


(80 - 84 percent)


(85 - 89 percent)


(90 percent & above)

Successful examination candidates receive an ADAPT certificate along with an evaluation report. Students who receive a Highly Commended Plus mark also receive the ADAPT "Medal of Merit" for their high achievement. Examination results are final and each student’s evaluation is totally at the discretion of the ADAPT examiners. Students must successfully pass the third level of each dance division before proceeding into the next division.